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CardioPrecision’s Single Use CoreVista® Retractor and CoreVista® Accessories allows cardiothoracic surgery to be performed through a short incision in the skin crease of the neck.

This patented technology could potentially be applied to a wide range of cardiothoracic procedures.

Clinical data has shown that procedures performed through this transcervical / suprasternal approach heal quickly and without pain, allowing fast recovery.

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Explore CoreVista® Retractor Light Settings
CoreVista® Retractor illumination is designed to illuminate different zones of the operative field in sequence with the typical steps of a cardiothoracic operation performed through a transcervical incision.

Drag the dial or click the arrows

Drag the dial or click the arrows


No illumination

Setting A

Illumination close to incision

Setting B

Illumination of chest cavity. Screen shows mediastinum illuminated and ascending aorta exposed

Setting C

Illumination in a forward and downward direction. Screen shows aortic valve

CoreVista® Technology with Sutureless Valves

CardioPrecision’s Single Use CoreVista® Retractor and CoreVista® Accessories allows cardiothoracic surgery to be performed minimally invasively through a short incision in the skin crease of the neck.

CoreVista® technology has ben used to implant sutureless valves into the aortic position. The CoreVista® Monitor (High Definition), which is conspicuously positioned directly above the incision in front of the surgeon and covered by a sterile disposable CoreVista® Monitor Drape, provides the surgeon with optimal hand and eye coordination and a magnified view of the operative field.

The CoreVista® Monitor screen shows the procedure at key stages, namely excision of native aortic valve, sizing of annulus, deployment of sutureless valve and inspection of the fully deployed prosthesis.

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CoreVista® for Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting (EVH)

CoreVista® Technology is used for endoscopic harvest of the radial artery or long saphenous vein.

These conduits are favored by surgeons for use in coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) and lower limb revascularisation procedures. CoreVista® Technology is the first to bring a plug-and-play HD monitor into the operative field directly in front of the EVH operator, to shorten learning curve, remove dependence on other theatre personnel and free up precious space around the operating table.

EVH operators can now independently control the monitor position and operate quickly and precisely from a comfortable & natural upright posture. CoreVista® Technology is compatible with leading brand endoscopic vessel harvesting products.

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The Board

Roshan Maini

Dr Roshan Maini has chaired CardioPrecision’s Board since 2014. Prior to joining CardioPrecision, Dr Maini was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Vascutek Ltd. He was the leading force behind Vascutek from its establishment over 20 years ago into one of the World’s leading manufacturers of vascular grafts. Vascutek was acquired in 2002 by Terumo, a global cardiovascular device company. Under Dr Maini’s leadership, Vascutek had sales in over 90 countries and won numerous Queen’s Awards in recognition for introduction of innovative new products into the cardiovascular market and generation of significant export sales. Dr Maini is highly regarded in the international medical technology community. He holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering from Edinburgh University, a PhD in Bioengineering from Strathclyde University, and was honoured with an OBE in 2015 for services to the Life Sciences Industry. Dr Maini brings expert knowledge and practical experience at a senior executive level to CardioPrecision for product development, introduction of new cardiovascular devices into the market, generating growth, B2B agreements and M&A.

Ying Sutherland
Chief Executive Officer

Dr Sutherland is a co-founder and CEO of CardioPrecision. She received her PhD at the W. Alton Jones Cell Science Centre in New York, underwent a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School and Children’s Hospital in Boston, USA and was a Harvard faculty member in the Department of Surgery prior to founding CardioPrecision in 2007. She was instrumental in capturing and articulating the value proposition for the Company at the outset and has led the management from day one. Key achievements to date include securing assignment of background Intellectual Property (IP), winning three prestigious funding awards (SMART:Scotland Feasibility, SMART:Scotland R&D, Wellcome Trust Technology Translation Award), implementing a global strategy for IP protection, leading product development from concept to CE mark, developing the business plan, building company infrastructure and fund raising. In total, she has secured multimillion pounds for the Company and focused funds on value creating activities through lean management and capital efficient operations. Her scientific background and close contact with cardiac surgeons and sales professionals worldwide has equipped her with a unique understanding of the technology and market for cardiovascular devices. She is a highly driven and resourceful individual and has assembled a team of seasoned executives with substantial experience and strong track records to take the Company forward.

Donald Smith
Non-Executive Director

Mr Smith spent his early career as an Avionics Engineer in the Royal Air Force (RAF), specialising in engineering operations control and management. Upon leaving the RAF he completed an MBA specialising in Business Angels and their investment decision making processes. He has now published his first paper on this topic and presented these findings to the World's foremost academic conference on Entrepreneurship Research. He has also researched successful Exit Strategies for Business Angel Investments. Mr Smith is a Member of the Development Board for the Saltire Foundation, whose objective is to find, fuel and spark Scotland's human potential, in the next generation of business leaders. Mr Smith is a director at Discovery Investment Fund Ltd. He holds numerous Board appointments including Executive Chairman of Occutec Ltd, NonExecutive Chairman of DC Biosciences Ltd, and Non-Executive Director of Sistemic Ltd. Mr Smith brings a wealth of strategic experience to CardioPrecision at Board level.

John McKenna
Non-Executive Director

Mr McKenna joined the Board of CardioPrecision in 2017. He has over 30 years’ experience of international sales and marketing in the heart valve segment of the medical device industry at senior level. Immediately prior to joining CardioPrecision, he was Vice President of Heart Valves at Vascutek Terumo (now Terumo Aortic). Prior to that, he held appointments as CEO of Koehler Medical Ltd, Sales and Marketing Director of Aortech Ltd, and EMEA Sales Director of ShileyPfizer Hospital Products Inc. Throughout his career, he has worked effectively and creatively to build sales in companies ranging from multinationals to start-ups and has been involved in all stages of product development. His experience also extends to the raising of funds for medical device companies including early risk capital, AIM listing, and M&A. He is a well-known figure in cardiac surgery and has an encyclopedic knowledge of cardiac surgeons worldwide. His insight into who is doing what and who is competing with who in cardiac surgery is invaluable to CardioPrecision. He spearheads introductions to key opinion leader (KOL) surgeons and specialist distributors, and strategic execution of Marketing & Sales.

Fraser Sutherland
Chief Medical Officer

Mr Sutherland is a co-founder and CMO of CardioPrecision. He is also a Consultant Cardiac Surgeon at the West of Scotland National Heart and Lung Centre in Glasgow, where he leads minimally invasive heart valve surgery and surgery of the aortic arch. He qualified from Cambridge University and completed specialist training in cardiothoracic surgery in the UK and USA. He has a strong track record of innovation having developed the first stem cell engineered heart valve at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital during a British Cardiac Society Fellowship between 2001 and 2003. This formed the basis of his doctoral thesis and won him the prestigious Hunterian Professorship from the Royal College of Surgeons of England. He has been instrumental in the development of the transcervical technology and its clinical applications. Professionally, Mr Sutherland is very active and well respected for his specialist knowledge, technical skills and abilities in cardiac surgery. He has a wealth of experience in minimally invasive surgery and maintains regular contact with a network of leading minimally invasive cardiac surgeons worldwide. Mr Sutherland is involved with strategic planning for the Company and leads surgeon training and engagement with key opinion leader (KOL) surgeons and cardiologists.

Graham Watson
Non-Executive Director

Mr Watson LLB, CA, FRSA joined the Board of CardioPrecision in 2022. He is the executive chair of InnoScot Health and has a rich mix of other board responsibilities, including The Law Society of Scotland, UHI Perth, Tennis Scotland, and Scottish Futures Trust. He is a recognised expert in corporate finance, business and leadership strategy and an experienced non-executive director and senior executive with a strong commercial track record. He was a partner in Deloitte for over a decade based in the UK and US and led many successful corporate finance transactions for clients in a wide range of industries. He brings to CardioPrecision his extensive international experience of working with SME clients delivering business development and strategic planning programmes and leading change initiatives.

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