CardioPrecision Ltd, the global leader in transcervical access for the treatment of structural heart disease and cardiothoracic intervention, announces CE Mark of CoreVista® Retractor.

The revolutionary CoreVista® suite of devices offers the surgeon a single use retractor to perform minimally invasive cardiothoracic surgery and intervention through a short incision in the skin crease of the neck. The retractor is programmed innovatively to illuminate different zones of the operative field with a set of integrated lights.

“We are very excited to have received CE mark approval for CoreVista® Retractor from the notified body BSI. It is another significant milestone achieved on the Company’s journey from concept to commercialisation.” said CardioPrecision Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dr Ying Sutherland, PhD.

Mr Fraser Sutherland MD, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon at the West of Scotland National Heart and Lung Centre and Chief Medical Officer of CardioPrecision commented: “With the rapid progress of less invasive approaches in other clinical disciplines, cardiac surgery has long recognised an urgent and unmet need for innovation that will permit less invasive cardiac surgery to be performed routinely. CoreVista® technology and products have been developed to fill this ‘void’ and will undoubtedly deliver real benefits for patients, surgeons, and hospitals. Feedback from surgeons involved in the early clinical experience has been fantastic and we look forward to product launch.”

About CardioPrecision Ltd

CardioPrecision Ltd, based in Glasgow, UK is the global leader in transcervical access for the treatment of structural heart disease and cardiothoracic intervention. CardioPrecision’s CoreVista® Retractor and Accessories allows cardiothoracic surgery to be performed through a short incision in the skin crease of the neck. CardioPrecision is dedicated to making patients’ lives better through the development of innovative, less invasive access solutions for cardiothoracic surgery and cardiovascular intervention. For more information, visit

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